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About The Fit Lab

We are a team of certified fitness professionals who are motivated to help others find balance in their lives, a passion for fitness and inspire lifestyle change for our clients. At The F.I.T. Lab, we strive to give clients a “personal” training experience that is unique, motivational and innovative while providing an environment that is both challenging and supportive.


As a staff, we believe that there is a fitness activity that can motivate all people and help them achieve physical and mental harmony.  Rather than utilize one method, we choose to use many different types of fitness modalities to give our clients balance and help them reach their fitness goals.  By utilizing components from many fitness models, we will place our own unique footprint on the fitness industry.


Private and Semi-Private Sessions /Group Classes
Work one on one or in a small group with a certified fitness professional. These sessions allow a client to get the personal attention they might need to achieve their goals. All programs are individualized and target specific goals of the individual or small group.


Balance, Stability and Kinesthetic Awareness

This class utilizes equipment and one’s bodyweight to improve balance, coordination and stability.

Barcelona Boot Camp

This class is a high intensity exercise class designed to challenge.

Body Movement

This class focuses on using one’s own bodyweight as a tool.


This class uses conventional boxing techniques and equipment.

Elite Athlete Training

This class is designed to help athletes improve in every important area.

F.I.T. Lab Series

This is an introductory class for all F.I.T. Lab clients.

Fitness Foundations

These specialty classes focus exclusively on technical instruction of specific exercises.


Fusion combines movements from many fitness activities and sports.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Designed to improve overall fitness and athleticism.


This class uses authentic Russian Kettlebells.

Targeted Classes

These classes are designed to focus on particular areas of the body.

Train Like a Figure Model

Learn to walk, train and eat like a professional fitness model.


This class uses the TRX exercise equipment.

Women’s Boot Camp

This is a high intensity, exercise class designed to challenge.

Women’s Strength Training

This class allows women to challenge themselves and grow.

F.I.T. Yoga

F.I.T. Yoga focuses on developing a connection between one’s mind, body and breath to enhance daily life.

Our Team


Owner, The F.I.T. Lab, Co. & Chizel, Inc.

Tyrone, an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer and licensed physical education teacher is a three time state high school track and field champion, a decorated former division I track and field athlete, track and field national competitor and Olympic trials qualifier.   As a trainer, he prides himself in designing, creating and developing cutting edge fitness routines and exercises that are based on the pillars of traditional compound movements.  He has worked with clients from age 7-65+ and excels at designing innovative, individualized programs and routines that can suit any client from the athlete looking to get quicker, stronger, more agile and explosive to the everyday person looking to improve his day to day life or simply perform her daily activities more effectively.  Minor continues to stay fit utilizing many types of activities ranging from boxing, sprinting, strength training and other modalities.  At age 40+, Minor maintains a body composition in the single digits and lives by the motto “I can’t teach it, if I don’t live it”.

You can reach Tyrone at thefitlabco@gmail.com or chizelinc@gmail.com.


Certified Yoga Instructor/Certified Personal Trainer

Jamie has been a registered yoga teacher since 2006 when she earned her RYT 200 certification from the Yoga Alliance.  She is trained to teach both Power Yoga and Hot yoga and has taught hundreds and hundreds of classes in the Twin Cities.  She has also been fortunate to be able to share her passion for teaching yoga with others by leading many Teacher Training Certification Programs as well.  In addition to teaching classes and training others to teach, she has attended many workshops to study under several nationally known yoga instructors.  Jamie is also very active in the gym and enjoys weight lifting, circuit training and training with her husband, Tyrone Minor, certified trainer, founder and owner of Chizel, Inc. and The F.I.T. Lab, Co.  She creatively combines her background in yoga and weightlifting to enhance her client’s physical fitness level and mind/body connection.

You can reach Jamie at strengthininc@gmail.com.

Michelle Anderson

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Michelle Anderson. I am a mother of three and an ACE certified personal trainer. My motto is that it is never to late to change your life and achieve your goals. I know what it is like to be 200 pounds and have to work your way back into shape. It is not easy and it is not something that happens overnight but I am here to tell you that it can be done and I will be here to support you in your fitness journey. I will challenge you and push you beyond where you thought you could go!












Donato is a health and strength coach from Taranto, Italy. He has a B.S. In Physical Education and Sports from the University of Perugia, Italy; in 2012, Donato earned a Master’s in Science and Technique of Preventive and Adaptive Sports Activities from the University of Ferrara, Italy. His physical fitness focus is assessing motor and sports activity levels for all different age groups; a method he practices to customize physical fitness plans. The overall goal is to increase your quality of life; to have your body working the best it possibly can.



Theresa Behnke (RYT) has her 200-hour power yoga certification, certification to teach yoga sculpt and advanced training certifications. She has taught young children through elderly clients how to be present in the bodies they are in through vinyasa and hatha classes tailored to individual’s needs. With her coaching and teaching background, Theresa has specialized in working with injury rehabilitation and yoga, and she has brought her love of laughter and lightness to her students by mindfully helping them let go of that in their lives that does not serve them. Having battled bulimia and after three knee surgeries on one knee, Theresa is convinced that yoga has literally saved her life: she passes on that life by teaching from a seat of service that seeks to honor those in her classes.You can reach Theresa by coming to a class of hers at The Fit Lab, Inc. or by contacting her at greentdogg@gmail.com.

Andrea Schutz

Music Dance Fitness

Andrea Schutz, the owner of Soul Fusion Inc, is a Zumba instructor with a passion for music, dance, and fitness. An athlete all her life, Andrea excelled in cross-country, track & field, and Nordic skiing during her high school years and went on to coached Nordic skiing for a few years. She started dancing at the age of 5 and has danced competitively throughout the years. Andrea has a Bachelor’s degree in music, which is carried through, in her passion for dance and fitness. Her vast knowledge in music provides a great foundation for a variety of new and exciting songs that get your body moving.

Her goal as an instructor is to provide a comfortable setting and a fun environment that allows you to express yourself in whatever fashion you prefer. Whether it’s singing out loud to your favorite song or shaking your hips like Shakira. Her routines are designed to help you reach your fitness goals and also have fun while doing it.

Lutalo Toure

Built Like Me Fitness

My name is Lutalo Amin Toure and I am the proud father of four college grads. I have a B.A in Geography and African Studies from the U of MN, M.A., Geography U of Il, Champaign-Urbana and PhD (ABD), Geography U of MN. I started working out in the 80’s to relieve the stress of fatherhood, working full-time; competing academically, home schooling, and trying to stay married to an equally busy schoolteacher. Since that time exercise, fitness and general health became a life-long and life-saving passion. In 2013 I started my business, Built Like Me Fitness. In February of 2016 I joined the team at The FIT LAB.

I’m also a competitive physique model, winning the 2015 Minnesota State Championship Masters category. I plan on competing in future national and international competitions.

Thomas Lee

4Dfied Fitness

Thomas Lee is an ACE certified personal trainer and founder of 4Dfied Fitness, LLC.
His dynamic fitness background and studies are in weight loss/management, nutrition, corrective exercise, sports performance, small group, semi-private, and corporate wellness. A passion for health and fitness lead him to focus his life and career in fitness training and nutrition coaching. Outside of the gym, he loves to stays active rock climbing, camping, snowboarding, or strumming his old guitar.

Favorite quote –
“Today I will do what others wont, so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”
(Author Unknown)

You can reach Thomas at 4dfiedfitness@gmail.com.

Rashelle Brown

ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Rashelle is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach with more than eight years and 2,000 hours of coaching and training experience. She creates individually tailored coaching and training programs to help clients of all abilities and experience levels reach their health and wellness goals. Her educational background in psychology and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification led her to develop a weight loss program that gets proven results time and again. In 2015, she wrote her first book based on that program, “Reboot Your Body: Unlocking the Genetic Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss.”

Although Rashelle specializes in weight loss, she has also worked with many clients to improve functional fitness and athletic performance as well. In 2016 she obtained the fitness industry’s only official obstacle race training credential, the Spartan SGX Coach certification.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build and tone muscle, reduce health risks or perform better, Rashelle can create a program uniquely tailored to get the results you want.

You can reach Rachelle at rashelleb@me.com.

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