The F.I.T. Lab is a health and fitness company that provides a safe, non-judgmental, familial environment for clients, while simultaneously providing entrepreneurial opportunities for small, women-owned, and BIPOC business professionals.

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Strength-IN Yoga

Strength-IN Yoga

StrengthIN Yoga focuses on linking breath to movement. It will allow you to calm your mind, stretch and strengthen your muscles and recognize the mind/body connection. StrengthIN Yoga is appropriate for all yoga experience levels! This class uses a combination of strength-building bodyweight movement exercises and classic yoga postures to help clients develop control over their minds and body. F.I.T. Yoga focuses on developing a connection between one’s mind, body, and breath to enhance daily life.

Your Instructor

Jamie Minor

Jamie is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of StrengthIN Consulting. Her passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals comes from her fundamental belief that strength starts from within – sometimes we just need a little help with finding and developing that strength. She enjoys teaching classes and providing personal training at The F.I.T. Lab where she creatively combines her background in yoga and weight lifting to enhance her client’s physical fitness and mind/body connection.

You can reach Jamie at [email protected].